The Best Blender For Smoothies: An In-Depth Review


There is no doubt about it. Finding the right blender for your home can be difficult. If it weren’t, then there wouldn’t be such an ongoing debate as to which blender is the best. By now, you are probably tired of searching, screening, looking, and trying to find what you are looking for. Luckily for you, here you’ll find the answer to your blender search troubles. The answer to the big question is the Vitamix 5200. It isn’t just great for nearly all types of blender usages, but it’s especially the best blender for smoothies. So, if you are a smoothie lover and an individual that likes a quality product that can get the job done, then this blender is for you. Below you’ll find an honest and thorough review that supports the claims proposed. (So exactly how do you make a smoothie?)

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Quick Look:
  • Exceptional processing power
  • BPA free / 64 ounce container
  • 7 year warranty
  • 10 different speed choices
  • Easy clean-up and dish washer safe
  • Hard to grind or blend something less than 1/2 a cup
  • Extremely loud on high
  • Replacement blades cost upwards to $100
  • Price (but it’s worth the investment if you blend a lot)

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As with choosing any blender, the components that the product is built of are wildly important. Without strong, solid, and durable components, you immediately know that the product is a dud. The components of the Vitamix 5200 are nothing short of stellar.

The Motor

It is a 2 peak horsepower motor that can propel the blade tip speed to 240mph. This basically means that this baby is going to pulverize any food that you toss into your blender. You’ll be able to take down anything from tough turmeric roots, kale, and ice, to simpler items such as soft fruit and vegetables. This process is quick, simple, and it is especially perfect for smoothies because there is nothing like a blender that can bring your ingredients into a medley of perfect and smooth consistency. So again, the powerful and rapid motor is one of the things that makes this blender the best blender for smoothies.

BPA Free

You’ve heard it before – BPA is perilous for your health and terrible for our food.Fortunately, with the Vitamix 5200, you have nothing to worry about. The blender is made out of BPA free plastic, which ensures that you are safely able to make food for yourself and for your family.


This quality is especially great for those that have kids or those that are clumsy in the kitchen. If you’ve ever been in the situation when one of your appliances crashed to the floor and became damaged, then this quality is one to appreciate. The blender is shatterproof, meaning that you do not need to worry about your product’s container braking and then needing to replace it. This is a major time saver for the busy individuals who are just looking to make a delicious smoothie and rush out the door.

The Container Itself

The size of the container is 64 ounces, which is excellent for those that are looking to create large batches of food or smoothies. The container is built with a true blending capacity. What makes this container special is that it is designed in a way that creates a powerful vortex that blends the food especially well. This type of blending is crucial for smoothies, as it is necessary that the ingredients are blended together very well.

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Long Lasting

For those of you that have purchased a pricy appliance and have experienced the devastation of it only lasting a short time, then you’ve probably sworn to yourself that you’ll never buy a faulty product again. The Vitamix 5200 is the perfect place to put it into action. What makes this product long lasting and durable, aside from the shatterproof container and the quality build, is the metal to metal and container to base coupling. This type of build creates a maximum durability and a long product lifespan.

Processing Power

With blades that spin 240mph, you can be sure that this product will process your food to perfection. What makes this blender the best blender for smoothies is also the patented tamper which creates a continuous processing for thick and dense ingredients such as smoothies. With the Vitamix 5200, you can be sure that you’re getting a quick and powerful food processor and smoothies that have an excellent consistency.


Some products can be very difficult to handle. Grips can be uncomfortable, the product can be heavy, and simple usage can be difficult to handle. The Vitamix 5200 cures all of these issues. Using it is simple, and the product is extremely comfortable to handle. The handles are easy grip, while the controls are built for a soft touch. This way, you don’t need to become frustrated when processing food or making smoothies.

Speed Control Settings

Sometimes, you want a smoothie with varying consistency and thickness. The speed control settings on this blender are another reason that the Vitamix 5200 is the best blender for smoothies. You have 10 different type of speed choices, giving it an impressive ability to blend to varying degrees.

7-Year Warranty

Failure or any type of technical issues is covered for 7 whole years. This product warranty is an excellent feature, as it truly allows you to get the bang for your buck. You don’t need to dish out another few hundred dollars for a new product, because the Vitamix 5200 comes with this wonderful warranty.


Yes, roughly $467 does seem pricey for a blender. But as you’ve probably noticed by now, the Vitamix 5200 is worth every penny. It really is the best blender for smoothies and all other foods, evident through the endless high quality features. With this blender, you’re getting a product that is durable, made with the best components, and that has an array of features that enable you to get your cooking done faster and better than you could with other products. Investing in a product is a big decision, which is why it needs to be the right decision. Don’t skimp on quality or capabilities, invest smart and invest right by purchasing a product that is the best blender for smoothies and more which will last you a long time.

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