An In-Depth Look At The Best Blender For Green Smoothies

Making green smoothies, due to the high fiber in the fruits and vegetables that you will need to use, requires you to blend them longer than a standard smoothie. Consequently, you will need to use a heavy duty blender. Three popular brands of heavy duty blenders that you can choose from to help you to select the best blender for green smoothies are Vitamix, Blendtec, or Omega. To help you to make a decision as to the best blender for green smoothies, I will give you a comparison of some of the more important features of these three models: the Blendtec Home; 64 oz. carafe model, the Vitamix Turboblend; Two Speed model, and the Omega BL630.

All three have BPA free, break resistant 64 oz. carafes and stainless steel blades. The Blentec and Vitamix are made in the USA; the Omega is made in China. As for RPMs, Blendtec runs at 28,000 rpms with 1500 watts, and has one on/off switch with six touch buttons. The Vitamix runs at 37,000 rpms with 1380 watts, and has one on/off switch and one low/high switch. Finally, the Omega runs at 27,500 rpms with 1400 watts, and has one on/off switch, one variable speed knob, one timer knob, one pulse button and one infinity button.

The Blendtec and Omega blenders have three plus peak horsepower and the Vitamix has two plus peak horsepower. Both the Blendtec and the Vitamix blenders have pre-programmed cycles that automatically vary the speed of the blades and automatically shut the machines off, the Omega does not. The Blendtec has a seven year warranty, the Vitamix has a five year warranty and the Omega has a ten year warranty.

The Vitamix blender comes with a tamper which is helpful when making green smoothies, while the Blendtec and the Omega don’t. All of the blenders are easy to keep clean as they have only four parts: the carafe, gasket, blade and nut. After wiping the pieces, you may want to also pour some water with a little dish washing liquid into the carafe and briefly blend to make sure that your machine is clean and free from any remains of fruits or vegetables.

As to the cost of the various blenders, I would suggest that you check online to find the current best price and to decide whether to purchase your blender in a retail outlet or from an online retailer. The Bendtec gives you feedback, as it has an LCD display that lets you know the speed of the blades: the Vitamix and the Omega blender models being compared here do not.

As to the blender that would be the best blender for green smoothies, my choice would be the Blendtec Home Blender Four Side with 64 oz. carafe, because the carafe is shorter and wider as compared to the taller carafes of the other two blenders which makes it easier to scoop our your smoothies, and also the Blendtec has received good online reviews from people who make green smoothies. So, in my opinion, the Blendtec would be the best bender for green smoothies.