Here Are A Few Ingredients To Avoid If You Are On A Smoothie Diet

Smoothies are a great option to lose weight without compromising your health and energy levels. Through regular intake, you can keep a check on your calories and increase nutrient laden ingredients to your diet to sustain a healthy and active lifestyle. The right combination of ingredients not just helps you create a delicious glass of drink, but also gives the right amount of nutrients and energy which is necessary to keep your mind and body active and healthy throughout the day.

Once you know your smoothie ingredients, you may be able to include a good balance of nutrients in your glass of smoothie and exclude ones that are harmful for your waistline. So, here is a list of ingredients that you should avoid while making a healthy glass of smoothie to reduce your weight.


Sugar in any form is the worst ingredient for a smoothie diet. Avoid all fruit juices in smoothies as they are not healthy sources of fruit. If you are using powders like protein powder, non dairy milk, yogurt etc., make sure that it does not contain refined sugar, cane syrup, evaporated cane juice, brown rice syrup, cane solid, molasses etc. While all sugars are not equally harmful, they can raise your blood sugar to some extent which may hinder your weight loss goals.

Excessive Fruits

Fruits are a healthy source of energy, but when you add over a cup of fruits, you are taking an excessive amount of sugar which may sabotage your weight loss efforts. Try to balance out sugary fruits with low sugar fruits like berries, cherries, or cantaloupe. It is best to fill your smoothie with leafy greens or less fruits overall to make a low calorie and healthier smoothie.

Dairy Products

Avoid using dairy products like milk and yogurt in your smoothie. These ingredients may contain excessive fats, hormones, and other artificial additives which may affect your weight loss plan.

Excessive Amount of Powders

Powders such as protein powder, powdered greens, and superfoods could be harmful if used in excess. As many powdered supplements have artificial sweeteners such as soy, dairy, MSG, additives, added sodium, etc., they can increase the sugar level in your smoothie as well as your body without you even knowing it.

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